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Mapping the Great Repeal Bill – EU Law & Protection of Human Rights

December 15, 2016

Angela Patrick, from Doughty Street Chambers, produced a background paper for the Thomas Paine Initiative, entitled ‘Mapping The Great Repeal: European Union Law And The Protection Of Human Rights‘, published in December 2016.

The report says: “The limits which membership of the EU placed on the UK – including on the Westminster Parliament – played a major role in the referendum debate. The Prime Minister has now committed her Government to a “Great Repeal Bill” in 2017. This will be designed to “break the link” between EU and UK law. However, the way in which EU law binds the UK and, to what extent it limits the ability of the UK Government to act, has been little explained.”

In addition to the report Angela has also written a blog for RightsInfo, who have produced a video summary of the report.

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