The Equality and Diversity Forum Research Network’s objectives are to improve the UK’s equality and human rights policy by:

  • promoting dialogue and collaboration between researchers, policy makers and NGOs in different sectors and disciplines;
  • making existing research on equality and human rights accessible to the individuals and organisations that need it to inform their work;
  • providing researchers with a platform for multi-disciplinary engagement and dissemination of their work through events, electronic communications and the EDF Research Network website;
  • creating a space for sharing learning and identifying gaps in knowledge to inform future research agendas and encourage the development of rigorous, critical and imaginative equality and human rights scholarship.

The Research Network is part of the Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF) and its activities contribute towards EDF three strategic goals:

  • To build greater consensus on the value of equality and human rights in Britain.
  • To make a reality of equality and human rights by informing policy and practice.
  • To build the capacity of the voluntary and community sector to advance equality and human rights.