Benefits of Membership

Members and associate members of the EDF Research Network benefit from:

  • Invitations to Network seminars and events;
  • Updates about new developments in equality and human rights research, policy and law;
  • An additional platform for your own research;
  • Opportunities to network with colleagues working in similar fields, to encourage collaborative working and partnerships;
  • Opportunities to inform the equality and human rights agenda through engagement with policy officials, NGO researchers, lawyers and funders

Who can be a Member?

Full membership is for individuals conducting research on equality, human rights and related subjects who are employed by or registered at recognised UK and international academic institutions. Membership will be drawn from the full range of relevant academic disciplines.

Associate membership is open to: those working on public policy on equality and human rights in government or statutory organisations; research and policy staff at equality and human rights NGOs; researchers at think tanks and policy institutes; employees of research funding bodies; legal practitioners; and others with an interest in promoting equality and human rights in the UK and at European and international level.

Membership is on an individual basis and approval is at the discretion of the Steering Group.

There is no membership subscription fee at present.