Journal of Poverty and Social Justice – special issue on Equality and Human Rights

The February 2016 issue of the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice (Volume 24, number 1) is a special issue on Equality and Human Rights guest-edited by Dr Tania Burchardt (LSE Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion and Co-chair of the Equality and Diversity Forum Research Network) and Dr Moira Dustin (Equality and Diversity Forum and EDF Research Network).

The inspiration behind the special issue was an EDF project in 2015 making connections between equality, human rights and social justice. Like that project, this issue brings together research on different policy areas (including employment, social care, poverty and violence against women) and disciplines (law, social policy and sociology), and reaches across Europe and the USA. The Editorial is free of charge to download.

The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice welcomes international papers on a broad spectrum of poverty-related topics including social security, employment and unemployment, regeneration, housing, health, education and criminal justice, as well as issues of ethnicity, gender, disability and other inequalities as they relate to social justice.

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